Tierno Tours, Southern Italy Specialists

Meet Pasquale Tierno

For as long as I can remember, I have been working with my father and my brothers in my grandfather's workshop. We come from a long line of cabinet makers who design and create custom furniture. In 1988 we moved to Cherry Hill, N.J. in hope of advancing our business. After 14 years in the states, my family and I moved back to my

Tierno Tours, Southern Italy Specialists

hometown of Roccadaspide and set up a new workshop. Being away from Italy so long had opened my eyes to what I had right in front of me! Now, with the help of my wife, we would like to show everyone our way of life in Southern Italy and the beauty that surrounds us.

Meet Gretchen Sheridan

Like most Americans, I come from a mixed family. Growing up, many of my fondest memories revolve around trips to my grandmother's house where we would eat pasta, meats and sweet treats my grandmother lovingly made for us in the Italian tradition. In 1988 I went to Italy for the first time and it was amore a prima vista (love at first sight)! That first day, walking down the main street, I can still remember the sights, the smells, the people, and of course - the food! I've been back and forth ever since. I met my husband in 1999 and moved to Italy in 2001. Now, together with him, I want to share that same experience I had with you.

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