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"You put the "special" in Specialty Tours - a truly spectacular vacation!
Thank you!
~Elizabeth Lafitte, Toms River, NJ

Some of our tours are done by request only. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact us at info@tiernotours.com and make your request!

"Padula is breath-taking! I didn't want to leave!"
~Jennifer Townley, Washington Township, NJ

"I would only recommend this trip for folks who love mind-blowing scenery, great wine, fantastic food and visiting with the aritsans while they work; in other words, everyone."
~Robert Walker, Columbia, SC


Tierno Tours, Southern Italy Specialists

Specialty Tours

Our Specialty Tours vary from year to year, based on the interests of our clients and sometimes in partnership with other tour companies. Looking for a Vegan Tour of Italy? An adventure tour for hikers and horseback riders? A Culinary Tour of Sicily? Look no further.

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Adventure in Amalfi

Hike the "Realm of the Otter;" ride horseback to beautiful Padula, a UNESCO World Heritage site; conquer Mt. Vesuvius; cruise the splendid waters of the Amalfi and Cilento coast. Walk in the footsteps of the Greeks and Romans. This is the perfect getaway to satisfy the explorer in you! Read more.