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Vegano Italiano Festival!

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"Your attention to every detail is unparalleled. Truly a superior tour experience. We're telling all of our friends!"
~ Michael Welk, Baltimore, MD

"I wanted to stay in Positano and spend the rest of my life there! Totally charming, totally romantic - I'm going back. See you next year!"
~ Meredith Muggins, Tulsa, OK


Tierno Tours, Southern Italy Specialists

General Information About Our Tours

We offer four main tours to the areas in Southern Italy that travelers have favored for years for their spectacular scenery, gorgeous weather, mouth-watering cuisine and variety of cultural events and adventurous excursions. In addition, Tierno Tours creates Specialty Tours every year to satisfy particular interests. All of our tours are custom designed to ensure an authentic Southern Italy experience.


In keeping with the theme of our trips, accommodations are chosen to depict the charm characterizing the southern Italian culture. Where available, they are restored historical buildings - elegant castles or charming villas furnished with period antiques and other accommodations classic to the area. All bedrooms have private bathrooms.


Wherever possible, meals will be in charming restaurants instead of in a hotel. Breakfast is continental (juice, milk, pastries-breads, cheese and coffee-tea). Tierno Tours has planned authentic meals based on the region you are visiting with the option to participate in and learn the making of these century-long traditions or relax with a cocktail and enjoy the beautiful culture around you.

Visit Amalfi with Tierno Tours

Amalfi & Cilento Coast

Spend 8 days and 7 nights among the most breath-taking scenery on the planet. Every turn reveals sights more beautiful than you can imagine. Come and see why this is the most demanded tour we offer. See the details.

Visit beautiful Sicily with Tierno Tours!


This tour will take you from the top of Mount Etna to the "Valley of the Temples," a marvel of Greek architecture. Dine in a 2-star Michellin restaurant with its chef, sample vintage wines that have been produced here for centuries. Beautiful views, charming streets and the best shopping in Italy! It's all here for you to explore and enjoy! See the details.

Visit lovely Abruzzo with Tierno Tours!

Rome & Abruzzo

From the "eternal city" to lovely medieval hills towns, you will be introduced to sights and tastes that will tempt you to stay forever! Abruzzo is a well-kept secret we will share only with you! Stay in a castle; witness how every day country life has unfolded for over 200 years; cheese tasting; truffle tasting; dining on the fresh catch from the nets; gorgeous gardens and fountains - too much to cover in a brief description! See the details.

Visit Rome, Padre Pio & Puglia with Tierno Tours

Rome, Padre Pio & Puglia

This tour is filled with wonders, from the unique Trulli buildings of Puglia to the mysterious I Sassi cave dwellings in Matera. Throw in a boat ride on the beautiful Adriatic, a visit to a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Castel del Monte, tasting local liqueurs in beautiful Castelmezzano, and more, and you'll marvel at how this action-packed week can be so resting and rejuvenating
at the same time! See the details.

Travel with us on one of our Specialty Tours!

Specialty Tours

Our Specialty Tours vary from year to year, based on the interests of our clients and sometimes in partnership with other tour companies. Looking for a Vegan Tour of Italy? An adventure tour for hikers and horseback riders? A Culinary Tour of Sicily? Look no further. See the details.