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Why Tierno Tours?

We have had a love affair with Italy from the start, so when a couple of friends asked us to show them "the real Italy," we were delighted to show them the place we have come to love so deeply. Although we took them to the popular stops in Rome, Florence, Venice and the Amalfi Coast where tour companies typically go, we were able to turn the usual tour experience into a more authentic one. We stayed in Italian villas, stopping along the way to taste the specialties of each region, talked to the local artisans, watched them work and sometimes helped in the process. They were thrilled to experience Italy in such an intimate way.

That's how Tierno Tours got started. As time went on, more friends and acquaintances began to join us on our trips. They told us that they had a wonderful experience. Some had traveled to Italy before, paid more and done less. The real Italian touches that we incorporated into our tours, like Pasquale's mother making homemade pasta for everyone, had made the experience unforgettable. Visit Italy with Tierno Tours and enjoy an experience enriched with what it is to truly be Italian!

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